Anything is possible. Do not limit yourself.

“At a younger age, I used to believe that in life we can only be one thing, and this is what defines us. The society, my environment, and the messages I was getting, taught me to see myself and other people only through one filter rather through multiple filters that show who we really are. Names based on a career choice, or personal characteristics, such as “John, the dentist”, “Elisa, the pretty girl”, etc. are a good example of the one-dimensional messages I was getting which contributed to subconsciously putting limitations on myself.

The reality though that is we are not defined by only one thing, and in our own way, we all have many dimensions. You can get a better understanding of this by taking the time to think about all the different lives you live, and you have lived. You have a family life, a work life, a life with your friends and so many other lives based on the communities and interests you are involved in. Each community may know a different side of you. Your family may know you as a caring mother, father, son, or daughter, while at work you may be known as the strict boss, or at your gym club you may be known as a highly-skilled athlete.

Your dominant characteristic at a specific community, may define how you are viewed. We are, can be, and can do many things at the same time; we can be highly successful in each key area of our life. We must not put limitations on ourselves as to who we think we are, and what we can do. What we do at the present moment does not define our possibilities and our success levels in the future.

When I realized I do not have any limitations, I decided to learn many new skills and explore many passions, and do many of the things I always wanted to do. As an example, I started writing, coaching, motivating (I’m a motivational coach), and helping people reach their full potential, but I also continued my love for technology, online marketing, and exploring new entrepreneurial ventures. I have many passions, and there are many things personally or professionally I have explored, I enjoy doing, and I’m very good.

Top interesting facts about me

  • I have been professionally involved with internet marketing and technology since 1999, including social media marketing/online advertising, website design & development, search engine optimization, video marketing, email marketing, etc. If you know what “PowWoW” is, you will probably understand how far back I go.
  • I have been a successful Marketing Expert for Family Lawyers for over 6 years.
  • I am a serial entrepreneur, and I explored various business ventures (e-health, aerial photography & cinematography, etc)
  • I am a Certified Chair Massage Practitioner. I’m actually very good at it. Do you need a massage?
  • I have been involved in philanthropic projects; In 2013, I founded “Project Hermes”, an internet marketing program, training unemployed young Greeks.
  • I have a University Degree in Business Administration.
  • I have successfully completed the Landmark Education, Self-Expression and Leadership Program and have taken many other self-development courses.
  • I served for a year with the Greek Army and was trained as a Topographer.
  • I love martial arts and have a yellow belt in Krav Maga, the defense system of the Israeli Defense Force.
  • I grew up in Greece, and I live in Canada. I love traveling and have visited over a dozen countries, many of them multiple times.
  • I have self-taught myself many new skills. I love educating myself by reading or taking online courses.
  • I take care of my body. Keeping fit is a top priority.
  • I enjoy challenging my mind and playing board games, especially scrabble.

Passionate for learning and exploring new things. What’s next? Who knows!? As long as it makes sense, I’m open to new opportunities.

As my goals and needs evolve, I’m looking forward to gaining new knowledge, live new experiences, meet new exciting people, and build new memories.”

– Manos Filippou