Websites, Marketing, Strategy, and Performance since 1999

Very experienced Marketing Consultant working in the internet industry since 1999. Skilled in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Design & Development. Expertise in Family Law Marketing and Dental Marketing. Strong business acumen.

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Online Marketing and Web Development FOR OVER 18 years

I have been professionally involved with internet marketing and technology since 1999, when Altavista was the top search engine, YouTube didn’t exist, and social media was a term that was never heard before. In a connected global environment where everything happens instantly, and technology evolves so rapidly with a speed that it has never seen before, there is always a need to adjust to new players who want to set their own rules and take a big piece of the market. While the next big thing is Artificial Intelligence, and who knows what else, here is a list of skills I have acquired so far and I’m able to provide a significant advantage over your competitors. My competences include deep knowledge of family law marketing and dental marketing:


Family Law Marketing & Dental Marketing

For 6 years I worked with top family lawyers in the USA and Canada, and I have a very deep understanding of this extremely niche market, and their clients. Due to the nature of the industry, I also worked very closely with business valuators and other financial professionals. My experience with dental marketing is mostly with social media and especially Facebook. Dental marketing is a field that while it is very competitive there are huge opportunities for growth.

Google PPC

Search Engine Optimization is the best investment for the long run, but Google PPC is an absolute must if you want to achieve results quickly. Companies who want to convert visitors to their website to potential clients have higher chances achieving the desired results by using techniques such as remarketing and Google PPC.

Video Marketing

Everything these days is about video and by not making Video Marketing part of your Marketing Strategy you are missing huge opportunities. Using video is the next best thing if you cannot meet with your potential clients face to face and you want to engage with them. If you have the budget to do only ONE thing, I would definitely recommend Video Marketing. In addition Google ranks videos very quickly so the benefits are significant.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps your business stay at the forefront of your client’s mind. It is considered one of the most successful forms of marketing and the potential is unlimited. Do you know that you can set up courses using autoresponders and email marketing?

Landing pages

If you want to convert visitors to your website to potential clients then landing pages are extremely important. Creating landing pages is a science on it’s own and I would be more than glad to help you achieve your goals by using this service.

Reputation Management

What is your reputation online? Google your name and find out what is going to come up. Monitoring reputation is very important especially for professions where good reputation is crucial for the success of their business (lawyers, doctors, etc).

Website Development (WordPress)

I have been developing websites using WordPress for the last six years and it is definitely the platform of my choice. Website development using WordPress is fast, secure, Google absolutely loves it and is ideal for websites for small to medium size businesses.

Website Maintenance

How often do you update your website? How often over the last year have you wanted to do minor changes on your website but the cost to hire someone was unreasonable or you were too busy? Would you give the access information to your website to someone who you do not trust, does not have the experience or does not pay attention to details? If you are using a website maintenance company at the moment, how long does it take to take care of your needs? Are you their priority? Let’s discuss if you need someone to maintain your website.


“Edutainment” and “How To” videos are the next big things online. Using webinars you can engage with your audience and provide valuable information while you increase your chances to convert your audience to clients.